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Love The Ladies of Seen Zine

Issue 2: Fall 2021 Pre-Order Available: Here!

In this issue: Interview with Laura Stevenson, Fall Cleanup Eco Tips, WALK OUT review, interview with Julianna Bona, Fall Simmer Pot recipe by Pam Thomas, RoboCop Reimagined Comic, interview with Anna Sgherzi, stories about the Feminist Bird Club, interview with Roman, Seed Bomb Recipe, tales of Punk Parenting, and homemade Halloween candy recipes.

Issue 1: Hidden Gems. Summer 2021

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SOLD OUT! Second Pressing coming soon!

Second Pressing Available: Here Suggested $5 donation to cover shipping an handling.

In this issue: Interview with Robin Eisenberg, Eco Tips, Interview with Elizabeth Rexer, Interview with Bitch Switch, Basements.Bars.&ParkingLots – Artwork by Stephanie Guglielmo, Vegan Recipe, Diversify your feed, (Back Cover) An Iron Hand in a Velvet Glove – Artwork by Kristin Ryan Shea.