Issue 1

Excerpts from Issue 1: Hidden Gems. Summer 2021.


Interview with Illustrator/Designer Robin Eisenberg – by Lindsay Cain. Robin Eisenberg is a Los Angeles-based illustrator and designer whose work centers around vivid illustrations of outer space babes participating in everyday activities like scrolling on their phones, watching Netflix, eating, and sleeping. They are set in otherworldly landscapes: on the rings of Saturn, on the moon, or near window views of the galaxy.

Eco Tips: Single-Use Plastics and Eco-Friendly Glitter

Interview with Farmer Elizabeth Rexer – by Tia Meilinger Discussion: Rexer Farm’s Community Supported Agriculture(CSA). Rexer Farm: Website. Instagram.

Interview with Bitch Switch – by Michelle Effertz. Bitch Switch is a four-piece punk/hardcore outfit from Long Island formed in 2020. Join the conversation about their background, dyanamics, women in Long Island bands, and more.

Basements, Bars, & Parking Lots – artwork by Stephanie Guglielmo

Vegan Recipes: Tofu Feta – by Malyssa Ferruzzo

Diversify Your Feed: Recommended content – Books, Zines, Artists and Podcasts.

Back Cover: “An iron hand in a velvet glove” Artwork by Kristin Ryan Shea.

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